Sunday, January 23, 2005

Johnny Carson 1925-2005

I find that the death of Johnny Carson has made me rather sad. The only time I watched The Tonight Show was as a kid, during the summer, free from the tyranny of school. My sister and I would visit our grandparents for extended stays, and they would let us stay up late and watch television with them.

Looking back on my childhood, I note that my grandmother created a place of calm and acceptance. I would characterize my childhood as mildly ludicrous and annoying, and if our grandmother had not been there for us, I am sure we would have been much more miserable than we were.

I also recall the innocence and a feeling of hopeful expectancy for what I would do "all grown up". As I recall, I only felt that at my grandmothers. My grandmother passed on years ago, after a long ordeal with Alzheimer's.

Somehow, the death of Johnny Carson, is now all mixed up in my mind with the death of innocence. Entirely subjective, but none the less there it is.


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