Saturday, January 22, 2005

To Tell the Truth part I

Thou shalt not bear false witness...

If you excised the entire OT and left just that phrase, then you might have something worthwhile.

In ostentatious displays of self-righteousness Fundamentalists in the US have repeatedly attempted to have the Ten Commandments displayed just about everywhere in the public view. Then they conveniently ignore one of the most blatant examples of bearing false witnessing the world has seen.

That would be the actions of Christian-approved, self-proclaimed born again George Bush and his cabal of neo-Cons.

If you have been paying attention, then you know that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, and there were no WMD in Iraq. You see, when one bears false witnesses, the innocent die. They die horrible deaths, or they are maimed, or psychologically scarred for life. Sometimes people die by the tens of thousands. Sometimes all the bloody limbs that are amputated could fill the state of Texas. Blood spills out everywhere. The carpet of compliant media attempts to cover it, but it seeps through anyway as blood is wont to do.

It is interesting that the commandments do not say anything about lying. No, to bear false witness is not the same as to tell a lie.

If everyone stopped lying then this house of cards, we call consensus reality would fall apart.

When your boss stops by your desk and asks, “Do you want to jump in this meeting? We could use your input.”

You don’t say, “Well you know, I would have rather crawled out of bed and kissed a sewer rat on the lips, than get dressed and come in this morning. Don’t you people realize that we are at perpetual war, the same inside psy-op group from 9/11 is planning another spectacular terrorist attack; we have at least three more countries we are supposed to invade any minute now. The ice caps are melting. The weather has gone mad. The dollar collapsed, like, yesterday. We are precariously perched on the precipice of a WHIRLING VORTEX OF DEATH. You want me to sit in there and pretend I care about something that will fall apart any day now, with people who are not aware enough to know their ass is on fire?! I think my answer is no. I do not want to ‘jump in this meeting’. In fact, I think I could use a drink now.”

No. That just would not do.

When I was a kid, my parents took me to their ridiculous church regularly. I can still remember a sermon on lying. That minister actually said it was a sin to lie to Nazis who are knocking on your door to see if you are hiding any Jews in your closet. What kind of person preaches it is a sin to lie to Nazis? The only moral, good, righteous thing to do is to lie to Nazis; big, fat lies – and to do so repeatedly.

To make our way through this world, we have to lie. I can see no way around it.

Hmm, a better way to phrase the above is that there is a time and a place to lie. Other times lie at your own peril, since you will wreak terrible havoc on yourself and everyone connected to you in any way. You just have to be smart enough to discern the difference.

I like to think about these things. Choose your own philosophy, or your philosophy has already been chosen for you. If you don’t consciously choose your own philosophy then you have just inherited some old piece of trash from your parents, the media, and bullies from middle school. You don’t know where someone else’s philosophy has been. Did they wash their hands before they pushed it down your throat? Probably not, and it has probably been passed around so much it is coated with grime, and it never worked very well in the first place - except to keep everyone involved complacent and machine-like.

To be continued...


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