Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Co-opting the 9/11 Truth Movement

I was living in Manhattan at the time of . I was working in Midtown then, and could see and smell the smoke. Everyone was absolutely stunned. I have never heard the city so quiet. About the only sound was foot steps on pavement.

I listened to my frantic coworkers attempting to reach their loved ones who worked in the Trade Towers. We attempted to console each other, but to little avail. We all gathered in the conference room and watched the destruction on CNN, and we watched the second plane hit live.

Six months later, I met a friend for a drink at a dive bar on St. Marks. He seemed to still be suffering from PTSD. He was certainly not the same person. He had moved back to his parents' home in Jersey, and didn't come out of his room for about a month. He was still barely able to concentrate on going back to work, and this little social event was kind of a big deal for him.

He talked about the person who saved his life. This person led him and a few colleagues to safety, and then went back in to find others. The person who saved his life, didn't make it back out alive.

That horrible day has been used to justify the Bush/Neo-con agenda of perpetual war, and the stripping of freedoms. The Patriot Act had already been composed, as if they knew what was to happen, and it was shoved in front of a Congress unwilling to be labeled unpatriotic for not signing.
Psychic and Political Numbing in Preparations for War

by Fran Shor
August 12, 2002

[...]Why the American public, so far, has been lackadaisical in its response to this saber rattling may be reflective of the increase of psychic and political numbing opportunistically manipulated by the Bush Administration since 9/11.

Psychic numbing, according to the psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton, builds on well-known defense mechanisms, such as repression, denial, and projection, to create an exclusion of feeling and disconnectedness. Aided by the surfeit of stimuli from televisual culture and media-manipulated images, people may tune out those realities and possibilities that threaten their own sense of connection to the world. In the case of 9/11, the Bush Administration quickly exploited the anger of the American people without allowing a grieving process to mature.

Drowning out the voices of survivors and their families who opposed retaliation, war on Afghanistan was initiated. Begun as a campaign to seek and destroy Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda network, a network created by the CIA in the 1980's, the intervention in Afghanistan quickly became an exercise in imperial politics and the lethal arrogance of power.[...]
I don't like it when anyone stands in my way of knowing what happened on that day. The official story is so full of holes, shoddy physics, and incriminating lies that you have to want to be a true and faithful believer to not see it for what it is: The biggest con since the Reichstag fire.

As I wrote in my post about real skeptics, it seems that we can't fully trust a few of our self appointed alternative news journalists, and loudest spokespeople who seem to be against the official lies. But then, we all should be learning how to be individuals and how to think for ourselves. For too long humanity has been lazy, and trusted those who speak with authority.

I can't recommend enough the article Co-Opting the 9-11 Truth Movement. That is, if you care about the truth.


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