Thursday, February 10, 2005

HAARP and the Search for a Real Skeptic

Since I mentioned HAARP in the previous post, I thought I better explain myself.

Before, I go too far with the explanation I have a simple question: Where are all the real skeptics?

Skepticism for most seems to mean using the mainstream media, commonly accepted version of truth as the basis for judgment for all concepts, ideas or hypothesis. Anything that deviates from the commonly accepted “wisdom” is deemed ludicrous, outrageous and the domain of the schizophrenic nut.

These skeptics think that they don’t believe in conspiracy. Ha! They are usually the biggest conspiracy nuts – they just don’t know it. Most of them believe that for years there was a Communist conspiracy to (insert Dr. Evil laugh here) take over the world.

The US used these true believers to good effect. The CIA has overthrown, or financed the overthrow of over forty governments. Most of them were democratically elected. We have been at constant war. If the war was conducted in the public view, then it was announced that the wrong side was part of this highly coordinated and secretive communist cabal to take over the world. Suckers everywhere fell for a real humdinger of a crazy conspiracy.

The latest conspiracy madness gripping “skeptics” is that there is a secretive, Islamic cabal conspiring to take down the US because they “hate our freedoms.” This conspiracy is primarily directed from a cave in a remote mountain hideaway. It is so remote and hidden that US troops can’t get to it, yet this version of Dr. Evil manages to somehow communicate his directives to his loyal followers.

The other extreme are those who accept all the concepts, ideas or hypothesis that are outside the mainstream valid and consider themselves open minded.

I am using extremes here to make a point in as few words as possible. Below I have included an image extracted from a Department of Defense paper, Psyop Operations in the 21st Century, acquired from The Black Vault’s FOI archive. The author of the paper explains this image is from a much older text, where they quaintly called it propaganda. Now we call it psyop. This new term includes a much broader range of activities.


If anyone can say with a straight face can say that the US government, out of the goodness of their heart, would never use these tactics on its own citizens is 1) a liar with something to hide, 2) painfully naïve or 3) desperately attempting to protect a world view not built on any facts what so ever.

I would assign a high probability that such psyop activities have been standard operating procedure right here in the US from the beginning. I would also assign a high probability that any good psyop practitioner would use both extremes I described above to hide the truth.

A good skeptic would be skeptical of all explanations for any given event. There is probably a bit of truth on either side, but enough twists and turns to obscure reality. We are dealing with people who have numerous crimes to hide, and numerous crimes they plan to commit under the cloak of psyop.

I have no idea how much knowledge any given reader has that such a facility as HAARP exists. I will assume that the general reader will have some knowledge, and has heard at least some of the many rumors circulating on the web. The facility has an official .edu site that is the first hit if you do a google search.

They say they are studying the ionosphere. One of the big rumors circulating is that it is a type of weather control device used for nefarious purposes either by the US or a supranational secret government.

We are dealing with power mad people here, but they are smart. They probably realize that when you start messing around with a quantum, dynamic system like the weather you can never predict when it will come back and bite you in the ass.

We will probably never have the complete truth as to exactly what is out their in the wilds of Alaska. It is a huge multi-billion dollar facility. I doubt they are just studying the ionosphere, although I am sure that is part of it. Exactly what it is they will do with that knowledge is another question.

I think this article on HAARP may be getting pretty close to answering that question.


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