Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Impeccable Timing

Officials Warn of Future Terror Attacks

By KATHERINE SHRADER, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - Speaking with one voice, President Bush's top intelligence and military officials said Wednesday that terrorists are regrouping for possible new strikes against the United States.
Duh, of course they speak with one voice. Don't play this off, Katherine, as being more honest because they all chant the same blood rituals in unison. Bush and his Neo-Cons rid themselves of anyone who did not speak with the same religious fervor and/or bow before Karl Rove's every command.
They said the best defense was for Congress to approve the president's military and anti-terror budget. But some in Congress, including prominent Republicans, were questioning some of that spending. [...]
To have this announcement timed with the recent assassination of Rafik Harrari is awfully convenient. The US pulled diplomatic ties from Syria, even though there is no evidence that the hit was conducted by Syria.

It is now time to associate Syria with terrorism in the minds of the gullible and the deluded, so they will cheer the destruction of yet another country, and in the process sacrifice their own young for Haliburton. Bush's god is a hungry one, and something so small as the truth is not to get in the way of a good blood sacrifice.

Syria has the least to gain from this horrible murder. They know they have been staring down the barrel of a really big gun for a long time. The Bush cult has a real itchy trigger finger. They know this; we all know this; it is not exactly a state secret.

Who will benefit? Israel has the most to gain, in their general program to destabilize the Middle East. Also, this assassination conveniently directs attention toward Moscow's plan to sell surface to air missiles to Syria.

Perhaps the Israeli government wants the green light to attack.

Perhaps we will have to witness the horror of yet another USS Liberty style of attack to get everyone really good and bloodthirsty.
U.S. Army Officers Say: 'Mossad May Blame Arabs'

Sometimes "the most likely suspect" in an act of terrorism is actually a "false flag" working for-or otherwise "framed" by- those who are responsible.

Exclusive To American Free Press

By Michael Collins Piper

Top U.S. Army analysts believe Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad, is "ruthless and cunning," "a wildcard" that "has [the] capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."

This eye-opening assertion about America's supposed closest ally was reported in a front page story in The Washington Times on September 10-just one day before the terrorist attacks in America that are being blamed on "Arabs." [...]

These are great times to be an American.

If you like the idea of being a party to cold blooded murder and mutilation. Or, if you think you can read god's mind, and it just so happens he's thinking its a swell idea to decimate the brown peoples for the good of the holy white race.

It is a funny world we live in. Christian Fundies can't send enough money, fast enough to Israel, hoping they will spark Armageddon, and then everyone joins in and blows away Jerusalem. Not funny ha ha of course:
Kim Johnson doesn't call it converting Jews to Christianity. She calls it "Circumcision of the Heart"—a spiritual circumcision Jews must undergo because, she writes in paraphrase of Jeremiah, chapter 9, "God will destroy all the uncircumcised nations along with the House of Israel, because the House of Israel is uncircumcised in the heart . . . [I]t is through the Gospel . . . that men's hearts are circumcised."
So far I am a complete failure in bumping into anyone in my temporary city who knows anything about world events. There was a bit of tittering in the office about the Social Security fiasco, but no one seems to care about the blood running in the streets.

Perhaps, those who know, know enough to keep their mouth shut in public. It is just a matter of time before Pat Robertson says Jesus wants the Infidels to be given a good beat down.

One day, probably sooner than we realize, we will all pay for our silence and ignorance.

Does anyone realize how serious this is? I'm not sure I could speak up in defense of anyone of Arabic or Persian origin, in public, without physical harm or permanent detention without a trial. At the very least I would be called a commie, or a traitor. Yep, to be a real American you have to love murder, and do not speak up for those innocent of 9/11, but guilty of having been born in the Middle East.

Of course, most don't know what the heck is being done in our name. Or how much of the world is baffled by our ignorance.

I'm sure this is way it was in Germany before everyone woke up one morning and realized they were a Nazi.


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