Saturday, February 12, 2005

The People's Crusade and China Bashing

Bellowing from Congress has exhibited traits of either extreme ignorance and culpable idiocy or shrewd Machiavellian strategy.
US Senate to mull deadline for China to revalue yuan

WASHINGTON (AFP) - China would have a six-month deadline to revalue its currency under a bill to be introduced in the US Senate amid charges the yuan is wreaking havoc on the US economy, officials said.

"It will be introduced hopefully tomorrow or in the coming days and would require China to abide by international trade agreements and stop manipulating the value of its currency," said Klein, speaking on behalf of New York Democrat Senator Charles Schumer, who is spearheading the proposed legislation.

He said the legislation would give China "a window of 180 days" to revalue its currency or face a 27.5 percent tariff on all Chinese manufactured goods entering the United States.

The Bush administration has often complained that the yuan, which is fixed to the US dollar, is grossly undervalued and thus keeping China's exports artificially cheap, undermining US exports and putting many Americans out of work. [...]
The China bashing continues with Graham Wants Big Tariffs On Chinese Products.

The Senate is blaming China for our economic problems without bothering to mention that thousands upon thousands of jobs were exported to exploit slave labor. They also don't mention that millions of American consumers now depend on these low priced items shipped over here thanks to our low paying jobs and all those jobs lost.

They also don't seem to be mentioning that China is supporting the US economy by purchasing billions of dollars of our debt every day. If they stop, or if they dump some of those bonds the US economy is over. Currently, China is the second largest foreign holder, with $191.1 billion of our debt.

We can say we have an economy largely due to the good graces of the Chinese. Bush's perpetual war spending machine has made us entirely dependent on Asia.

But the Bush/Neo-con cult are not done antagonizing China yet:
US lawmakers mull special office in State Dept to spread democracy

WASHINGTON: In a move that will give impetus to US President George W. Bush's policy to spread world freedom and end tyranny, lawmakers are drafting legislation to set up a specific office in the State Department to spread democracy, officials say. [...]
Help us all. If you know any of the US real history, including the recent debacle in Iraq, you know that democracy is a code word for destroying your country and installing a brutal puppet regime. The final paragraph of the article states:
But it will also compel the United States to "set the record straight" in friendly but heavy-handed governments in places like Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, maybe even China or Russia, they said.
Perhaps we should set the record straight on our democracy first, rather then dumping it for "security".

My other hypothesis, other than ignorance, was shrewd Machiavellian strategy. The only explanation that makes sense for Bush's economic strategies is that wants to wreck the economy. Bush may or may not be stupid, but his handlers must know where things like his tax cuts and "reform" of social security are going to lead.

The People's Crusade was the first of the bloody crusades and a miserable failure. Although failure in war is entirely subjective, depending on which side you are on.


In 1095, Peter the Hermit dispatched disciples across what is now France and Germany to preach the good gospel of murder. Pope Urban was really excited to get the crusade off the ground and he had set a date of August 1096 for armies to mobilize against the infidel in Jerusalem. Urban was touring central France with a message of mayhem.


The brunt of the dirty work was to be carried out by the poor. This was a time of endemic lawlessness, and the already poor were constantly plundered by petty nobility. These petty nobility plundered their own countryside, while the "great" nobility had larger conquests on the mind.

Also, at this time floods and epidemics contributed greatly to the general misery. These were a people ripe for the picking, and they bought the idea of dying in a jihad, leading to the promised land, lock, stock and barrel.

Easter 1096 rolls around and about 20,000 men, women and children abandoned their homes to make the armed pilgrimage to Jerusalem. I must not forget to mention that a number of the nobles took the opportunity to exploit the murderous feelings being roused, and decided to start the crusades a little closer to home by slaughtering Jews and helping themselves to their wealth.

On the march, there were several periods of slaughter, but the final chapter of this "People's Crusade" was to end in the Turkish countryside. The crusaders pillaged, tortured and murdered the inhabitants, including the Christian ones, eventually really making the Turks mad. The Turks ambushed the crusaders, sending them fleeing, and only 3000 escaped with their lives. The Turkish sultan had nothing but contempt for this rabble, and falsely assumed that was to be the last of such European incursions.

What does this have to do with Bush's economic strategy? Maybe this is a crazy idea, but what if the Bush cult wants to ruin the economy for the express purpose of producing cannon fodder?

Once again we already have the petty nobles pillaging their own countryside. Ken Lay from Enron is just one of the more publicized examples, along with Bush recently giving more tax cuts to the rich and powerful and his plans for plundering social security.

One “Crisis” after another says BushCo--when the only “Crisis” is BushCo.

Once again we see the exploitation of religious feeling to fulfill a power and greed filled agenda. Our armies already largely consist of the poor. With little education and few job opportunities they head off to the local recruiters office. But the US will need a whole lot more to replace the dead and the maimed, and to fulfill their spectacular agenda of violence they plan on exporting to a number of other countries.

Impoverished and starving to death? The Army will feed and house you. You just need to pull a trigger now and then. Perhaps we are being told the truth about the draft, because the Neo-Con agenda doesn't need one.

I hope I am wrong.

I think Donald Hunt writes one of most insightful blogs on the economy.


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