Thursday, March 10, 2005

All Peak Oil, All the Time

I hadn't particularly planned on diving into the peak oil fray. But, I dashed off a post, where I could have been a bit more thoughtful, and it has even been alleged that I was doing a bit of axe grinding at Michael Ruppert's expense. Yeah, I guess I was.

I have little doubt that we will all be told that the oil is up, prepare to be really, really poor. The next declaration will probably be along the lines of, "Let's blame China!" (I have written about China bashing, and how I thought that might be a big set up)

Synchroniciy rings, and a report was leaked that declares:
"World oil peaking is going to happen," the report says. Only the "timing is uncertain". [...]

But in its conclusion the report makes troubling reading, noting that "the world has never faced a problem like this. Without massive mitigation more than a decade before the fact, the problem will be pervasive and will not be temporary. Previous energy transitions were gradual and evolutionary. Oil peaking will be abrupt and revolutionary". [...]
Guess who is behind this little report that was "leaked":
The Annapolis Centre for Science-based Public Policy is a group which has received $658,000 in funding from Exxon Mobil since 1998. It openly disputes the idea that global warming is the result of burning fossil fuels.
Wait it gets better:
When 'Peak Oil' Met The 'West Nile Virus'

[...] In fact the coalition that is pushing for a radical new energy policy is largely composed of those who stand to benefit from a revival, not a phase out, of oil and gas development. The intellectual and activist core of the coalition is made up of those veteran oil geologists and engineers who use the method of modeling the ratio of reserves to production developed by the maverick research geophysicist Marion King Hubbert, who died in 1989. He believed that the peak of production is reached when half of the estimated ultimately recoverable resource, determined by what has been discovered and logged cumulatively as actual reserves, has been pumped. In 1956 at the Shell Oil Lab in Houston, Hubbert startled his colleagues by predicting that the fossil fuel era would be over very quickly. He correctly predicted that US oil production would peak in the early 1970's. [...]
"This much is known, Kenneth Deffeyes writes, "the loudest warnings about the predicted peak of world oil production came from Petroconsultants" (Deffeyes, 2001: p. 7).

In a late 1998 merger Petroconsultants became IHS Energy Group, a subsidiary of Information Handling Services Group (IHS Group), a diversified conglomerate owned by Holland America Investment Corp., IHS Group's immediate parent company, for the Thyssen-Bornemisza Group (TBG, Inc.). In the 1920s George Herbert Walker and his son-in- law, Prescott Bush, had helped the Thyssen dynasty finance its acquisitions through Union Banking Corp. and Holland-American Trading Corp. [...]
Yes, we have the Bush family's freaky smirk all over this tale of woe:
Colin J. Campbell, the leader of the Neo-Hubbertians, is a petroleum geologist from Ballydehob, Ireland, and author of The Coming Oil Crisis (1997). He worked for Texaco as an exploration geologist and then at Amoco as chief geologist for Ecuador. He is a Trustee of the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre (ODAC) and the founder of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO), originally a network of 24 oil scientists. ASPO has Associate members like Halliburton and financial sponsors like Schlumberger, but Campbell is critical of the Bush-Cheney Administration for "collectively having personal investments of as much as $150 M in oil companies"
And we will probably have a Bush in the White House making the announcement that there is no more oil:
A third term for Bush?

This is it folks. Those who figured, after this election, we would be rid of George W. Bush might want to think again. They are wrong: a third term can be had. The XXII Amendment is quite clear on this. George W. Bush has only been elected to the Presidency once. His first term he was appointed, not elected. And, during his first term, he was not sitting during part of some other President's term of office.
We have a mass murderer at the helm of the ship folks; he's here to stay; and he is going to announce we need to make cut backs because the oil is running dry. "There's nothing we can do, except let a lot of people starve. I'm sorry you are so poor. We tried to get to that oil in the Middle East to save you. It just wasn't there, and they kept blowing up the pipe lines anyway. Nasty terrorists. Nasty foreigners making you starve."

So I will answer my own question. No we aren't ever going to stop talking about peak oil. All peak oil, all the time. Bush's puppeteers are placing the topic on the table, and they aren't going to take it away. It may be the last words we hear ringing in our ears.

The "we" in my question, "Can we stop talking about peak oil now?" referred to those who may care that we are at perpetual war, that our freedoms are gone, and that genocide is being conducted. I was referring to those who may still want to continue pushing for full understanding of what the hell happened on 9/11.

That recent Geotimes article is not the only vast discovery that is being ignored or written off with great fervor. I refer you to Beware the 'Peak Oil' Agenda.

I am not going to be tricked into worrying about losing my skin and shirt over this peak oil scam. Instead I want to see what is going on behind this curtain.

Ruppert is using this peak oil thing as a wedge he says, because he figures we are all too stupid to understand that some people are so evil that they would slaughter their own. Perhaps he is right. Most of us have no empathy, the reasoning may go, and are racist bastards, so we have to be really scared about our own impending mortality before we will wake up. Perhaps he is right.

But those aren't the kind of people I would want on my side.

We aren't going to see some alternative energy device come and save us. Psychopathy is the corporate model, so don't look for salvation from all those people making a hell of a living from war. We have fascists in power here in the US. They are not advocates of life, as they have so eagerly demonstrated.

Who benefits when we turn our gaze away from the truth of who these people are, and start worrying about peak oil?

So, maybe we do need to keep talking about peak oil. Just exactly why is it being sold to us?

There is a lot more to this story.

Update: I have since posted All Peak Oil, All the Time part 2


Blogger Deleted said...

The AGI, the parent organization of the Geotimes appears to be dominated by energy industry people as well.

4:02 PM  
Blogger monkeygrinder said...

It doesn't bother me that you have a bone to pick with Michael Ruppert. Many people take issue with some of his assertions.

But look at it this way.

I voted for NOT BUSH
M Ruppert voted for NOT BUSH
You, likewise? NOT BUSH

So at one level, we are on the same side of this, against the dangerous monoculture that has been inflicted on Washington DC and the media.

We all have our own biases and beliefs. Get past that.

I think peak oil is geological reality. It is no scam. 84 million barrels a day comes from somewhere. It isn't magic. How the heck did Hubbert predict the US oil peak ON THE NOSE?

Oil stained G.W.B., Cheney, Condeeleeza (the lady, not the tanker,) are all oil aware folks - they are AWARE OF THE PEAK.

Your interpretation is they are scamming us with peak oil as a red herring.

My interpretation is they are taking advantage of it.

Don't limit your allies because you disagree with a collection of their premises.

I frame world events as an oil endgame.


1:11 AM  
Blogger catalytic said...

Hi, thanks to both of you for the input.

I will explain myself a bit better as time goes on.

Monkeygrinder, you are probably right that world events will be played out as an oil endgame.

I just happen to think the rabbit hole goes much deeper. I think that there may be enough knowledge to predict where that will go, and that there may be another negative agenda behind what is publicly played out.

Standard psyop procedure, or so goes my hypothesis.

Now I will see if I can explain myself clearly...

10:19 AM  
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