Friday, March 04, 2005

Felt a bit flat

I took an unplanned break from posting for a few days there.

Felt a bit flat.

Some days it is going to get to you more than others.

What is it? It is the small fact that the country that you grew up loving, is in the process of conducting...


And very few seem to notice. Of those who do notice, a large percentage really, really like the idea.

Some days that is going to be a real downer. Some days you can wake up and almost hear the piercing screams, feel the blows, feel the radiation making cells mad with entropy.

Spent the last few days compulsively reading the archives of Enemy of the State and Signs of the Times. I really needed to know that some people get it.

I listen to the small talk when I am out and about, in the streets. People talk with pride about what college their kids will be attending. They talk about television, concerts, movies, whatever bullshit happens to cross their mind.

Businesses make one, five and ten year plans. They change their IRA administrators. Restaurants and apartment complexes are built. Telemarketers still call.

People mention they are looking forward to Spring.

There will be no springtime for a good many of us.


Most of these people would not wish harm on anyone.

New Age thought has won, and infiltrated every fiber of our society. If you ignore all the negative, it won't penetrate your reality.

Which is like saying if you ignore that there is a rumbling volcano below you, it won't explode, searing your flesh and frying your brain in a flash of a second. Just because you say it can't.

Like a kid holding her hands up to her ears, chanting, "I can't hear you, I can't hear you!"

All of us US citizens are sitting on top of Mount St. Helens.

It's time to wake up and smell the sulfur.


Blogger Pearl Pocock said...

It is indeed utterly maddening. However, remember too that if you allow yourself to feel defeated for too long, then you allow the course of events to have all the more power over you and your surroundings. As much as "new age power has taken over"--that sort you refer to that compels the masses to mindlessly and soullessly look the other way--there is also a force that is reminding people of the power they have to create their own world, to redirect the flow of energies to be more in sync with what nature needs. There is also a subtle movement that is aligning people back with the fundamental laws of quantum physics and eastern wisdom. Yea, I know, I'm not so sure that's enough to heal us from the idiological cancer we are living in, but just the same, keep the faith and try to align yourself with the positive flow as much as possible. When you aren't fighting the forces of evil you see, be sure to renew yourself. We need you to not give up just as much as we need them to not turn the other way blindly. Helplessness and depression won't save us from this paradym of meanness we are compelled to live in.

6:16 AM  
Blogger catalytic said...

Thank you.

Yeah, I do think it is important to continue to create even when sad, but not necessarily expressing all that is negative. I do think it is alright to experience the full range of emotion, including sadness, even if it does tinge on the brink of despair once in a while.

We should keep doing right up to the very end. At the end there may be a new beginning.

I do not think is ever a good idea to forget for a moment what kind of world we live in, even if it hurts - some days more than others.

Humanities propensity for forgetting is part of the reason we are in this mess. But, if the world was supposed to be different, I suppose it would be.

Hope all that makes sense.

5:58 PM  

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