Monday, April 18, 2005

Internet Black OP's

When things begin to really go wrong with the internet, and they claim it is due to terrorist activity, but what they really want to do is silence truth, remember these people:
U.S. Military's Elite Hacker Crew

The U.S. military has assembled the world's most formidable hacker posse: a super-secret, multimillion-dollar weapons program that may be ready to launch bloodless cyberwar against enemy networks -- from electric grids to telephone nets.

The group's existence was revealed during a U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee hearing last month. Military leaders from U.S. Strategic Command, or Stratcom, disclosed the existence of a unit called the Joint Functional Component Command for Network Warfare, or JFCCNW.

In simple terms and sans any military parlance, the unit could best be described as the world's most formidable hacker posse. Ever. [...]

Capt. Damien Pickart, a Stratcom spokesman, issued a short statement in response: "The DOD is capable of mounting offensive CNA. For security and classification reasons, we cannot discuss any specifics. However, given the increasing dependence on computer networks, any offensive or defensive computer capability is highly desirable."

Nevertheless, Verton says military personnel have told him numerous "black programs" involving CNA capabilities are ongoing, while new polices and rules of engagement are now on the books. [...]
If you study the long arm of COINTELPRO activity, you realize that the power structure has no problems with using their capabilities on US citizens. That phrase, "new...rules of engagement", is not comforting.

This story reminded me that back in 2003 it was discovered that a Naval ship was being used as a spam relay: The amphibious transport dock and spam relay.

My paranoid mind asks the question, were they cracked or was this part of the plan for causing trouble on the internet?

Speaking of internet problems, I just tried to publish this post and got one of those server errors. The new recover post function worked this time.


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