Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Death Cult

invisible dead

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Did a bit of traveling, so I haven't posted for a while. Visited the lovely city of Toronto. I met Inspector Lohmann for dinner one evening, and we had a great chat. It is a strange feeling sitting on the precipice of complete entropy, but it is encouraging to visit with those who can see what is going on our strange reality.

Whenever I take a break from writing, I always feel a keen resistance to getting back to the practice. I really should never take a break, but I always look for any excuse to do so. I can usually trick myself into getting back into the game by starting with a quote:

"Every living thing is a sort of imperialist, seeking to transform as much as possible of its environment into itself and its seed." - Bertrand Russell

I suppose the above is true. We are so close to that whirling vortex of death that we adopt its values without questioning their origin.

Some of us think we are so damn special that we seek to subsume as much of our environment as possible, and return as little as possible. We want something for nothing. We want to be saved for just being who we are.

Producing fruit for the modern crop of Christians means shoving the Bush cult of death down the world's throat. It will come back and drag them down with it too, but we will likely be too miserable to cough up a feeble, "I told you so."

Besides we all had our part to play in the current crop of troubles. US citizens couldn't be bothered to shut our country down for the rape and pillaging of South America. We just bought bigger cars. Most of us aren't interested in truth, and are so self satisfied that we can't imagine a disparity between our subjectivity and objective truth can possibly exist.

The middle class squandered what little extra time left over from their jobs and raising kids. They passed on their imperialist values to their children. They taught the kids to love television, and then sacrificed those children to the death cult of the elite.

We divided ourselves up like we were told: Left or Right, Democrat or Republican, etc. We trapped ourselves in the binary world, and we trusted on their authority that it was the only reality. We educated ourselves under the system we were told. We couldn't be bothered to ease the burden of the imprisoned or the impoverished.

The same tune played through out history. This time their may be a key change, but it pretty much sounds the same. Science has harnessed itself to the death cult, like it usually does: the quick jaunt from the catapult to the anti-matter bomb is not really an advance but devolution. It as if many of us are compelled toward nothingness; we give into that siren song of peace through death. So many of our great minds seek to speed the process with greater and more glorious means of killing.

Those who are of a life affirming orientation have remained in a blissful state of ignorance of this death cult. We have lacked the imagination or the willingness to see its manifestations, despite the overwhelming evidence littered throughout history. The body count is astonishing, yet we are willingly distracted by strange beliefs such as "progress".

Frank Manuel credits Jacques Turgot (1727-1781) as having, "framed a new conception of world history from remotest antiquity to the present and constituted the first important version in modern times of the ideology of progress."

Apparently, this Turgot character delivers a lecture in 1750 that is the catalyst of change in human perception of history. Humanity begins to change from perceiving history as cyclical, and begins to view history as a straight line. And with every passing moment it is progress and enlightenment, well occasionally there is the wrong turn and the the step backward but...
We see societies establishing themselves, nations forming themselves, which in turn dominate over other nations or become subject to them. Empires rise and fall; laws, forms of government, one succeeding another; the arts, the sciences, are discovered and are cultivated; sometimes retarded and sometimes accelerated in their progress, they pass from one region to another. Self-interest, ambition, vainglory, perpetually change the scene of the world, inundate the earth with blood. Yet in the midst of their ravages manners are gradually softened, the human mind takes enlightenment, separate nations draw nearer to each other, commerce and policy connect at last all parts of the globe, and the total mass of the human race, by the alternations of calm and agitation, of good conditions and of bad, marches always, although slowly, towards still higher perfection...
I don't know about you, but I have not noticed much "perfection". Turgot's narrow, racist vision inspired other loudmouths such as Locke and Adam Smith, and the rest is history.

Many of us still believe in progress, despite the obvious fact that we are experiencing a replay of WW II and the Crusades. Sure, the players have changed slightly, but the goals appear to be the same: Power through destruction, death except for a small elite, and plenty of us peons willing to play along. Techno-toys do not equal progress. We can teach a chimp how to use an ipod or a robot arm.

I am pretty sure chaos results when the distance between reality and our perception of reality are so great that the resulting clash of the two explodes in our face. When so many of us have no idea of objective reality the resulting chaos may expand exponentially. It is impossible to achieve complete objectivity, we are not god, but so few are even open to learning. The unknown is too frightening, and we prefer to cower in the corner hoping to be spared or taken care of like a good sheep.

We dream of a good shepherd, while forgetting the shepherd's motivation for protecting and feeding the sheep is to shear and eat them.

Plenty of people who may begin with a life affirming orientation can be easily swayed toward the dark side. Fascist subconscious motivations and beliefs can creep in so beguilingly and slowly that we are not even aware of it. We have all met people who truly believe that if everyone thought like themselves the world would be a pretty good place. This is merely a desire for control and conformity - the opposite of creativity and life - and perhaps an understandable, if misguided, wish for the suffering to end.

For too long, those who love life have refused to examine the death cult that has held humanity under its hypnotic, predator's spell. We have ignored the evidence; we refused to see that some beings may wear a cloak of humanity but are truly monsters. We try to warn each other with zombie movies, but after the impact has worn off we shuffle along much like a zombie ourselves.

These monsters are working under the bright light of day now. We no longer can afford the luxury of not paying attention to reality left and right.

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