Friday, May 20, 2005

Robinowitz and "Snitch Jacketing"

All in a day's work.

It's a big, bad dangerous world out there. Confusing too. There are layers of lies, half-truths and misdirections out there. Try to investigate the power elite's crimes, and you are overwhelmed with a huge mess. Many just turn away, or soothe themselves by labeling crimes "conspiracy theory."

Dig here and there, post some of your findings and soon enough stuff like this happens:

Posted at

amusing and pathetic slander against this website (some of the inaccuracies are so blatant that it suggests massive "snitch jacketing")
The above is Robinowitz's response, to the above linked post of mine where I do a bit of research on his Oil Empire site.

Snitch Jacketing is:
... where the FBI intentionally made the target look like a police officer, federal agent, or an informer. This served the dual purposes of isolating & alienating important leaders, often, as well as increasing the general level of fear & factionalism in the group. "When a member of a nonviolent group was successfully mislabeled as an informant, the result was alienation from the group. When the target belonged to a group known to have killed suspected informants, the risk was substantially more serious. On several occasions, the Bureau used this technique against members of the Black Panther Party (BPP); it was used at least twice after FBI documents expressed concern over the possible consequences because two members of the BPP had been murdered as suspected informants."
Let us see who is snitch jacketing:
My Secret Life as a CIA Operative

By Kurt Nimmo

Lately, things have been a bit crazy. After Counterpunch posted an article I wrote critical of Mike Ruppert, I was drawn into an at times acrimonious email exchange. In order to protect the innocent (and guilty) I will not mention any names, but suffice it to say a few wild allegations were tossed around.

One allegation floating around is that Counterpunch, according to a guy connected to the 9/11 movement, Mark Robinowitz, is a COINTELPRO and CIA front. I found this assertion rather off-the-wall, to say the least. So I decided to do a bit of research, using Google, just to see what turned up...
Kurt Nimmo does an excellent job writing about the war crimes of the US and Israel. A few disagreements about 9/11 does not an COINTELPRO operative make.

From Sue the Terrorists:
"Common sense tells me that anyone who has a web page that calls 20 different 911 pages "bogus", yet shows no research work himself, is not only disinfo, but sloppy, and not very good at it." - From an anonymous posting at Portland Indymedia

It is important to remember here, dear readers, that all of this - all the duplicity, all the vitriol, all the slander and libel, all the attempted character assassinations (not just in this newsletter, but in #53, #54, and #56 as well) - has come about because of just a single posting that I put up on my website some three weeks ago. And that posting was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a personal attack on anyone. It was simply a challenge to the notion that petroleum is a 'fossil fuel.'

I have already posed a series of questions for the 'Peak Oil' crowd, all of them pertaining to the deception employed to sell the concept: Why are we being deceived about the true origins of oil and gas? Why are we being deceived about who is really behind the notion of 'Peak Oil'? And why are we being deceived about the viability of various alternative energy sources?

To those questions I now need to add another, equally important, question: Why is such a concerted effort being made to silence and discredit anyone who challenges the 'Peak Oil' theory?Mark Robinowitz, webmaster of OILEMPIRE.US has seen fit to create an entire page dedicated to discrediting Stanley Hilton and his lawsuit.
The Sue the Terrorist site primarily focuses on Stanley Hilton filing a, "$7 billion federal class action lawsuit against top Bush Administration officials for, among other things, their engineering and orchestrating the 911 attacks."

One would think that Robinowitz would think that fantastic, and such activity should be supported, because as Kurt Nimmo points out in the article I quoted first:
It appears the criteria used by Feldman and Robinowitz runs as follows: if a progressive publication or web site does not publish or post articles that say the attacks of September 11, 2001, were committed by Bush, Cheney, the neocons, the CIA, the military-industrial-complex, etc., then they are in the pocket of multinational corporations, the wealthy ruling class foundations, the CIA, secretive Yale fraternities, et al.
It also appears that Robinowitz goes around warning people about other high profile writers who point out the Bush administration's involvement in 9/11. Cryptogon writes:
Mark Robinowitz sent me a warning about John Kaminski. Honestly, I've only ever read Kaminski's Hallelujah In Fallujah essay. I didn't know about Kaminski's other antics. (Search page for Kaminski.) I don't follow the 9/11 disinformation operations too closely (because there's so much nonsense), but Robinowitz keeps track of most of it.
He sent me a similar warning regarding my link to the Pentagon Strike Video. The video has had such a huge response that the Washington Post covered it.

Few people do a better job of pointing out the obvious Bush Regime's connections to 9/11, US citizens complicity in allowing this murderous regime to conduct perpetual war for peace and Israeli government's crimes against humanity than John Kaminski.

Robinowitz presents himself as a 9/11 researcher (even while saying, that the real issue is peak oil), yet he picks strange targets to attack.

The Daily Heretic posted a comment to my original entry on this topic:
Yes, as a matter of fact, he is on a list I get copied on about 911. He seems sincere and reasonable until he starts pushing you towards Peak Oil or starts attacking the No Plane theory. It is interesting that those two issues are so important to him and to Ruppert. The No Plane theory is the single most powerful attack on the official story of 911, why take it away? Peak Oil, as you and Dave McGowan have shown, is a roundabout way of justifying the Iraq War and of deflecting attention from 911. Both Ruppert and Robinowitz have explicitly suggested that people move away from 911 and focus on Peak Oil, ignoring the fact that the only people reporting Peak Oil are people whose wealth and livelihood are tied to high oil prices. There are really no one else who has data about this. Doesn't mean they're wrong, but it does mean we should be very sceptical of Peak Oil.

Both Ruppert and Robinowitz also are very concerned that they don't alienate "average people" with crazy theories. At least that is the stance they assume when trying to marginalize 911 theories that get close to disturbing truths. "Beware of hoaxes," they say, but some of those hoaxes are more likely to be true than their "respectable" theories.

Robinowitz spends a lot of time attacking Jim Fetzer, who has written a book on the assassination of Senator Wellstone and who is a professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota. He uses the smear tactic of attacking a person for content that you get from sites linked on his website. Here is where it seems like psy ops. He compliments Fetzer on his book about Wellstone, then attributes its realiability to the editor, who, he says, will be coming out with a book with an interview with an "eyewitness" who saw a passenger plane hit the Pentagon!

Finally, he mentions John Judge favorably, whose credibility was pretty much destroyed by David McGowan...
To summarize: We have someone presenting themselves as a 9/11 researcher who then proceeds to say we need to dumb down the discussion for "average" people. Who proclaims we need to control research into this crime with peer review. Who goes around and attacks those who are doing something about the crime of the century. Who attacks those who intelligently write about other Bush Regime crimes, such as the assassination of Paul Wellstone. I have also been privately warned about other tactics that I will not discuss just yet.

So who is "snitch jacketing"?


Blogger The Daily Heretic said...

Daily Heretic here with a follow-up to my experience with Robinowitz and Ruppert. While I was discussing the No Plane issue on this 911 truth list I got myself on without ever signing up for anything, Ruppert chimed in with a kind of good cop routine about how we should focus on what we all agree on (which would by definition leave out No Plane). I then mentioned that people should beware of jumping on the Peak Oil bandwagon. After that, I have received no more mails from that group (after having many come in over months). Very interesting. Looks like I was unsubscribed after making a polite suggestion to beware of Peak Oil. Carol Brouillet seems to be heavily involved with the list and David McGowan has found his talks cancelled by her when he questioned Peak Oil as well.

9:07 AM  
Blogger batcave911 said...

Hi guys, i just stumbled accross this.
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also , a similar thing happened to me on the truth list, i lasted about 3 weeks before removing myself.
the 911-truth list was truly hijacked!

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