Saturday, June 25, 2005

Beware: Ensuing Spoiler for Batman Begins

I found the movie Batman Begins entertaining in a bleak sort of way. The League of Shadows was an interesting foe. A bunch of hyper active men hidden away in a remote mountain top in Mongolia(?), watching the evolution of man from afar; interceding through out history when they deemed humankind became too degenerate; wrapping their dark agenda in mystical and pseudo-religious terms.

They decide when to swoop in and destroy, never recognizing they are only honoring the dark path of entropy rather than creativity. If they would stop jumping around and doing their high kicks, and think a bit perhaps they wouldn't be so full of spiritual arrogance. They obviously get off on power, but make themselves feel better by burying the mayhem with a new-age wrapper. They like to play god, but never bothered to ask themselves that despite centuries of intervention why is humanity no better off.

So many people want to save the world, yet they can't seem to save themselves. Or worse yet, they want to save you. Of course, they know what's best for you. How many Christians dig the same philosophy as The League of Shadows? They can read god's mind and seek to fulfill its agenda, which always seems to involve a good bit of destruction and mayhem.

The whole super hero mythology could be said to be an expression of humanities desire for a savior. The savior desire sure has been used throughout history to control us. We all want it easy. The phrase, “Know thyself”, portends more difficulty than the simple sentence structure belies.

The movie reminded me of a book I read years ago:

“Darkness over Tibet (Mystic Traveller Series)” (T. Illion)

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