Thursday, June 16, 2005

American Reading Habits and the Reich


Temporary good news: House Votes to Limit Patriot Act Rules

I say temporary, because the Bush Regime has got to stop all those library book reading terrorists:
[...] Supporters of the Patriot Act countered that the rules are potentially useful and argued that the House was voting to make libraries safe havens for terrorists.

“If there are terrorists in libraries studying how to fly planes, how to put together biological weapons, how to put together chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, ... we have to have an avenue through the federal court system so that we can stop the attack before it occurs,” said Rep. Tom Feeney, R-Fla. [...]
Of course it is important to see who is reading Flying Airliners into Tall Buildings for Dummies and The Big How-to Book on Genetically Engineering the Plague. To think otherwise is down right un-American.

More than likely they want to find out who is reading books like “Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower or By Way of Deception.

The better to charge peace activists with conspiracy: Antiwar protesters face federal conspiracy charges. (via Signs of the Times)

You never know when the Secret Service will be knocking on your door, and asking your mom about your political activities. (via

There are a lot of dangerous ideas out there, and they must be stopped. There is a Reich to establish.

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Blogger Deleted said...

Love that careful protection of the preznit. People with photoshop are evil! Their disrepsect can turn into acts of extra big, gigaginormous evil; or something :-(((

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