Saturday, June 11, 2005

Depopulation part 4

“Strange is man when he seeks after his gods” - Robert Ripley

“..As we progressed in our investigation... we were astonished, not to say disturbed, by the influence exerted by the people who believe in the Nine - and ultimately, the Nine themselves. We gradually uncovered evidence of the extraordinary hold that these alleged non-human intelligences have over top industrialists, cutting-edge scientists, popular entertainers, radical parapsychologists and key figures in military and intelligence circles. We were to find that the Nine's influence even extends to the threshold of the White House itself.” - “The Stargate Conspiracy : The Truth about Extraterrestrial life and the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt” (Lynn Picknett)

I have resisted delving too much into the strange here. But the lid is off, and a lot more people are examining ideas that seem to confirm the underlying structure of not only our civilization, but of our entire reality, are much stranger than we can even begin to imagine.

The main problem with researching into these areas is that there are so many smoke screens and misdirections. Psyops is well prepared for the new and the experienced investigator.

One word that is bantered around a lot today is cult. The murderous events at Waco sealed the general publics conception and definition of a cult. It is my theory that this was a deliberate psyop to direct attention away from the elite's own terrifying and baroque cults. Once again we are taught to fear the “little people” and look away from the machine that is trying to grind us all down. (See the documentary, “Waco - The Rules of Engagement”, William Gazecki)

The Nine, as referenced in the quote above, are channeled entities who call themselves space gods. Their message seems to me rather racist regarding those not “white” and takes umbrage toward the Islamic faith. it speaks of a chosen people, and talks of an imminent apocalypse as a genetic “house cleaning”.

Sound familiar? It should. It's pretty close to the Old Testament, that other piece of channeled literature primarily about one of the world's most famous and violent extraterrestrials and various believers direct interaction with ET.

The quote at the beginning of this post expresses horror at just who holds the messages from the space gods dear. You wouldn't believe some of the people named in the Stargate Conspiracy. One in particular may hurt the feelings of some fans of a particularly popular sci-fi series.

Telling people they are special and chosen seems to work every time. We are such suckers. A lot of people believed it when Yahweh told them, and to this day we are fighting wars over who is more special and chosen, and what chunk of land belongs to these special people as promised by something not human.

A chunk of the Nine's message is contained in the book entitled The Keys of Enoch. More from the Stargate Conspiracy:
The Keys of Enoch is a ...self-consciously religious work... Subtitled A Teaching Given on Seven Levels To Be Read and Visualized In Preparation for the Brotherhood of Light To be Delivered for the Quickening of the 'People of Light.“ ...It even looks like a Bible with the Hebrew letters for Yahweh - YHWH - embossed in gold on its white-and-gold cover, and its text displayed in two columns and divided into short numbered verses. This book evidently believes itself to be very holy, very sacred, taking itself extremely seriously indeed. The sixty-four 'Keys' of spiritual wisdom, covering all aspects of ethics and history, are presented in resounding quasi-Biblical language, although it is virtually impenetrable.

Supposedly something has gone wrong with human being's genetic programming and these space gods are to eventually arrive on earth to clean and purge, and set everything aright. It seems our genetics are causing disturbances throughout the universe. [...]

Could this immensely complex scheme, extending over many years and involving hundreds, perhaps thousands of people, really have originated with extraterristrials? Is this evidence of a clever long-term plan from nonhuman intelligences, such as the Nine? Tempting though such a scenario may appear, the fact remains that there is a large degree of involvement - and obvious orchestration - by clandestine government agencies. Although these two hypotheses seem contradictory, there is another option. Are the shadowy presences of the intelligence agencies and the nonhuman intelligences not, as they may seem, mutually exclusive, but actually an alliance?

One thing is certain: the Nine have had an influence on a huge variety of prime movers...
Indeed. I will repeat for emphasis: the Nine incites believers to look forward to an apocalypse which will result in a ”genetic housecleaning“. Believers, of course, will be saved from the atrocity, because they are special.

I recommend the Stargate Conspiracy, although I don't necessarily agree with all their conclusions. I also think they don't go far enough, and pull back a bit from the true horror of it all. But, the book was written in 1999, before the day that changed the whole world. The authors do a good job of sorting through an incredible complicated maze.

These ”prime movers“ mentioned are surely feeding and utilizing the US Fundamentalist Christian movement who have similar core tenets, who in turn are doing everything they can to fund Zionistic purging of the Palestinians, who in turn are inciting war in the Middle East to distract attention and to hinder any retaliation from surrounding countries. A vicious circle, with probable blurring at the top as to who believes what, or if not true believers, than utilizing beliefs for their own reasons, and we are caught in the middle.

Don't believe in ”space gods“? You may be in the minority on the planet.

The media is playing a little game. They publish skeptics and debunkers of the UFO and ”space brother“ memes, and at the same time are consistently publishing tracts that we should accept our space brother overlords. We have an elite creating a problem, perpetual war and misery, and the solution that may be proffered may be accepting space brothers because we are too ignorant to sort out our problems ourselves.

That sounds pretty ridiculous to me, but there seems to be enough evidence that forces me to consider it as a probability.

If you are up to reading such things, check out Learning to Live with Extraterrestrials: An Interview with Lisette Larkins. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and the world abounds in such literature.

To be continued...

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