Monday, June 27, 2005

The Time is Nigh?

Bush's poll numbers are plummeting, US citizens are becoming fed up with the Iraq war in droves, the Downing Street memo is percolating into the public awareness despite the best efforts of mainstream media, and Rove is willing to risk more embarrassing gaffes and is shoving Bush onto the pulpit tomorrow.
The tipping point

US public opinion on the Iraq war dips with every dead soldier, and plummets at the first sniff of defeat
A lot of people are doing everything they can to make sure Bush can remain President for Life. If H. J. RES. 24 can't do the trick, there are alternatives:
Laura Bush for president?

Jeb Bush for president?
Both maintain the Bush crime family in power, but won't help if public outrage toward Bush is so loud that stealing yet another election will become too obvious. The same goes for this depressing explanation that, yes, he can “run” for election yet again:
More is Better

Those who figured, after this election, we would be rid of George W. Bush might want to think again. They are wrong: a third term can be had. The XXII Amendment is quite clear on this. George W. Bush has only been elected to the Presidency once. His first term he was appointed, not elected. And, during his first term, he was not sitting during part of some other President's term of office.
So, what's an evil crime family to do?

Stage yet another mass assassination of US citizens and blame it on Muslim Fundamentalists of course. Sure we have made it tougher on them, and we have honed our research skills with 9/11. More people now know just what these psychopaths are capable of doing, and are less willing to absorb their lies. Despite their best COINTELPRO attempts, many know the truth.

This does not matter to these people. They are full of hubris, think they can pull off yet another stunt, and finish the job of taking away every last vestige of freedom - “to make us safer”.

This nightmare is not going to go away anytime soon.

Keep a blank tape in the VCR, stay away from major landmarks and brace yourself.

I hope I am wrong.

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