Monday, June 27, 2005

Would Someone Please Go Over and Nominate Me...

I am far too modest to do it myself:
The “Scratchies” -- Now Taking Nominations!

A while back, I proposed a new kind of blog award. The awards were dubbed the “Scratchies” by popular acclaim. That is, Jon said it and no one took enough offense to suggest something else. AWolf modified one of the categories to make it more indicative of real character. I'm adding one category today.
I am not sure which category I like most:
Blogger most likely to drive a theocrat nuts at a school board meeting.
I don't have kids so...
Blogger most likely to pull a stranger out of a burning house.
satisfies my ego well enough.

I'm from New York, so I probably wouldn't qualify for:
Blogger most likely to stop and pull your car out of a ditch.
I would probably figure you are a con artist, and that you would promptly seek to rob and take my car instead.

The above sentence would probably be used against me by the psychiatrist in court, and hand them an explanation for my constant “conspiracy theorizing”:
Blogger most likely hold out against conviction if you're charged under a bad law -- even if the prosecution makes its case.
Check out the other humorous categories. Actually, I am unjustly using Scratchings body of work to show that I am not always doom and gloom around here, and don't really mean for anyone to nominate me.

It may be time to switch to a more inspirational mode:

Individual Creativity in a Dark Age and How it Could Save the World
Letter to Inspector Lohmann

After the last few posts, I'm starting to bring myself down.