Sunday, July 17, 2005

Creative Control

Misery is the river of the world.
Everybody row.
Everybody row.
- Tom Waits, from the album Blood Money

Tom Waits was on to something there. We are surrounded in misery. War, poisoning, corruption, psychopaths run amok, earth upheavals, freedoms stripped down to nothing, control, control, control.

Many of us have struggled mightily to avoid accepting the simple fact that misery is indeed the river of the world, and hence have squandered our real power.

This post is not a complete downer, just bear with me as I work out my hypothesis.

A lot of us have wanted to believe that god is in heaven, and all is well with the world. In a twisted sense, perhaps that is the case. Suffering is an aspect of our reality that cannot be avoided. Deep within us, perhaps there is a terrible and strong desire to be cared for and herded. Told what to do. Thinking for ourselves is hard.

Entropy is the naturally ensuing state of the domesticated.

We are domesticated animals looking for a shepherd. To be a good flock we have to believe our shepherd. To admit the shepherd lies, or starts immoral wars opens reality in a way that can be rather uncomfortable.

Creation is a struggle. Bringing to life something from nothing is hard. Seeking the truth is hard. The truth is the only worthy building blocks of our creations. Everything else collapses when coming into contact for too long with reality.

Too many of us have bought the philosophy of control. We waste precious energy in meager attempts to control reality rather than just facing the truth. We are experiencing a mirror of our own subconscious desires writ large and expressed by a complete maniac. A whole host of complete maniacs, really.

To create is a struggle. Life is a struggle. Most of us struggle against struggle - actually struggling against life, rather than fully engaging in the struggle with life. Or so I think.

I am just trying to figure out this life thing. The big questions.

We have this narrow window, or so it seems, before the complete darkness descends. The Bush Reich and cohorts are pushing for complete control of everything. So many of us, deep down and unknown even to ourselves, believe that control is the means to remove anxiety and suffering. Because we fear our own mortality, rather than befriending our mortality. We still believe in saviors.

Saved from what? Suffering, is my guess. We have such a high opinion of ourselves that we believe we should be removed from all suffering. We believe that we should never have to experience the consequences of our own actions and reactions, thoughts and beliefs.

That is insanity. What is even more insane is that many of us love our suffering so much we refuse to give it up.

Suffering is a part of life. Then you should get tired of it.

Seek to learn from our personal experiences and the lessons of history, and seek to avoid it. But, it seems we are doomed to repeat history.

We struggle against life instead of fully engaging in life - both the sorrows and the joys. We seem to prefer mediocre domestication where not too much happens, and are outraged when life intercedes.

Now we have a Reich to contend with.

The only recourse against entropy is creation. I think we live in an open universe. Who knows what can happen when individuals begin to create using the building blocks of truth?

No one. And the Bush Reich and company are scared of exactly that. That is why such an extensive control system is being put into place.

They are scared of you.

You are the enemy to their greed and control fantasies.

Just by telling the truth, and seeking for the truth to the best of our abilities.

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