Saturday, July 30, 2005

NYC Subway


Another NYC subway photo taken years ago - while still legal. Not great photography, but it gives one the right feeling of the place.

Kurt Nimmo writes:
New Yorkers: Please Violate my Civil Liberties

[...] According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, random violations of the Fourth Amendment “are necessary,” even though the odds of actually catching a terrorist roughly parallel the odds of winning New York’s Mega Millions lottery. In other words, Bloomberg and the New York police probably don’t actually believe they will catch a real live terrorist. It’s all about instilling fear and hysteria. [...]
Another New Yorker (soon to be ex-New Yorker) writes:
just say no violations of your rights. I saw some subway-search cops for the first time yesterday. I also saw a woman stride purposefully towards them with her bag open. Sheeple. I wasn't carrying a backpack, just a small bag. I just avoided eye contact and walked through the turnstiles. [...]
Land of the free, home of the brave? I think not.

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Blogger L-girl said...

Nice photo. Cool graffiti banner, too. Thanks for the link.

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