Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bush Running Scared, Flees to the Mountains

Pipe Dream

Bush, or his handlers, are so scared of Cindy that they are sending him off to some remote retreat for the wealthy in Idaho. How much vacation does this man need? It is not as if he does anything in the White House - except vent his mad ravings on the underlings.

Now read about the awful slander the right has thrown at Cindy Sheehan. They are about as inspired as a chimp throwing its feces.
To What Is Cindy a Threat?

[...] What explains these ferocious and slanderous attacks? Cindy is but one lone woman. Unlike President Bush, she does not claim to speak or act on behalf of 275,000,000 people, but only for herself. Relatives of other dead soldiers have criticized this woman, saying “she doesn’t speak for us.” But I am unaware of any statement made by Cindy purporting to speak for anyone but herself. She only seeks an answer to her personal question: “why did my son die?”

Cindy Sheehan does constitute a threat, not to America, but to the totalitarian forces that insist on crushing the spirit of peace and liberty in order that they might dominate the American people. History is awash with examples of men and women eagerly cooperating with those who would subjugate and destroy them. As Pastor Niemoller’s words so eloquently remind us, cristalnacht was neither the first nor last instance of people turning upon – rather than coming to the defense of – their neighbors when under attack by the state. [...]
By now, most have heard that the mentally unstable Pat Robertson is calling for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. All he has to do is say that Venezuela is a source of Islamic extremism, and his soulless minions believe. Never mind that Muslims make up less than 2 percent of the population.

We also have the fact that the U.S. says Terrorists May Pose As Vagrants. Now all those tossed out on their ear due to Bush's insane economic policies can be rounded up and placed in interment camps. People will cheer - until they can no longer make their house payments.

A swat team raids a rave in Salt Lake.
Airborne drones, mimicking gulls, alter wing shape for agility

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — The military’s next generation of airborne drones won’t be just small and silent – they’ll also dive between buildings, zoom under overpasses and land on apartment balconies. [...]
Can you feel the net tightening?

I cannot find the article on the internet, but I did see an article in the newspaper today that those cave dwelling Muslim insurgents have plans to target satellites and knock out everyone's communication systems.

I am not making this up. They actually want us to believe that alQaeda can knock out a satellite. The psychopathic control freaks are so afraid of people like Cindy, that they plan on cutting us all off from the internet and other means of communication. After the Bush Reich flips some switch or other, putting a stop to all of us networking and sharing information, they will announce that it is al Qaeda's fault.

Yes, there will be plenty of people who will believe them.

Most of us did not speak up for those so maligned by this crazy rhetoric, and when we are disappeared just exactly who is going to speak up for us?

I think that the neocons wanted all those stories of torture to be leaked. They want to scare us. They are now working very hard on Cindy to scare us from speaking up.

It seems evident that we should begin wearing such titles as “crackpot,” “America hater,” “tragedy slut,” “media whore,” as badges of honor. (Just a few of the names leveled at Cindy.)

Never did I think that I would see such mass hysteria and insanity blanket the US.

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