Saturday, August 27, 2005

More Surveillance for Less Safety


Lockheed Martin to Saturate New Subway with Surveillance Systems

Officials unveiled the high-tech future of transit security in New York City today: an ambitious plan to saturate the subways with 1,000 video cameras and 3,000 motion sensors and to enable cellphone service in 277 underground stations - but not in moving cars - for the first time. [...] [via Cryptogen]
I expect these cameras to conveniently malfunction when the police decide to shoot a supposed terrorist in the head, just like in London.

Ooh, that sounds a bit cynical, doesn't it?

Actually, I am rather outraged as more and more comes to light about the recent shooting. Xymphora has been doing a good job keeping up with the story, such as Unbelievable tales from London.

The more I hear, the more this murder sounds like a scare tactic on us all. Just like we were scared into perpetual war for peace.

Give up your freedoms to be free.

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