Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More Testing Needed


News Hounds posted:
“colorless, harmless gas” released around NYC today - by US Govenment

At the bottom of the hour on today's Special Report 8/8/05, Shep Smith gave his usual sneak preview of Fox Report. Among the stories mentioned was a Homeland Security“ segment,

in which Smith read ”Scientists testing the wind in New York City in hopes of saving lives should the unthinkable ever happen. They released colorless, harmless gas around the Big Apple today. The goal: see how a chemical or biological weapon might sweep through the city, and figure out the best way to get people out.“

Comment: While viewers are being terrorized by the thought of such an attack, Fox reassures them that the government is working hard to take care of them when it happens. What a powerful soundbite!

Regular Fox viewers don't even realized how badly they're yanked, from resenting the government to absolutely trusting it and back again.
Since most of us have no memory, and the media can't be bothered to mention the past we don't remember all these tests have already been done. And the stuff they tested with were not always harmless, inert agents.

See my post Human Testing for details.

On a related topic, we learn that Saddam's anthrax was given to him by the US. Remember this, when the US claims a biological attack was from Islamic terrorists who ”hate our freedoms.“

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Anonymous johnno said...

I must say, I' am really enjoying the subway pics from your neck of the woods.

2:24 AM  
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