Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Murdered in Afghanistan? tells a rather believable story that Juan Torres, Jr may have been murdered. He was stationed in Afghanistan and was disgusted with the drug trade conducted by the US Army stationed there. He was so distraught that he felt he had to do something about it, shortly thereafter he was found dead in the shower with a bullet wound to the head.

Is it just a coincidence that opium production exploded post-US invasion? There is an historic precident for such activity. See The CIA and Heroin Financed the Mujahedeen by Robert Friedman.
Wide World of Torture - The Road to Abu Ghraib

[...] U.S.-backed warlords who control most of Afghanistan's countryside with private armies continue to enrich themselves with opium profits while the U.S. looks the other way. Far from a fledgling “democracy,” U.S.-occupied Afghanistan is an experiment in barbarism. [...]
I am reminded of the strange deaths surrounding Jessica Lynch's “rescuers”. The connections are made in my brain due to the ambiguity and the small clues that just don't completely add up. The official explanation could be the right one, but in both cases the Bush Regime has reasons to prefer these people dead.

We have seen time and time again that the neocons don't support our troops. They leave that job to the magnetic ribbons. They are certainly killing them, and it is not such a stretch they would have someone pull the trigger directly.

Around the time that Jessica denounced the Pentagon for using her for propaganda, and it was revealed that the PR specialist handling Lynch propaganda was the same person who promoted the phony Gulf War incubator story, I discovered the strange deaths:
Josh Speer drove his car off the road, on Hwy 11, near his home in South Carolina. In broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon.

Sok Khah Ung was at a family barbecue in Long Beach, California and was gunned down in drive by shooting.

David M. Tapper was shot in the back after being sent to the front lines of Afghanistan. He was transfered to Afghanistan shortly after the rescue.

Kyle Edward Williams startled someone who was breaking into his jeep, shot at them, and then supposedly shot himself afterwards. He didn't leave a note, and was on his way home to his family.
Of course, it could all be coincidence.


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