Monday, August 29, 2005

The Scale is Tipping

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Click the photo for the flickr cluster tagged Katrina.

Back on August 1st the AP published this article:
Global Warming Making Hurricanes Stronger


Is global warming making hurricanes more ferocious? New research suggests the answer is yes. Scientists call the findings both surprising and “alarming” because they suggest global warming is influencing storms now - rather than in the distant future. [...]

Emanuel analyzed records of storm measurements made by aircraft and satellites since the 1950s. He found the amount of energy released in these storms in both the North Atlantic and the North Pacific oceans has increased, especially since the mid-1970s.

In the Atlantic, the sea surface temperatures show a pronounced upward trend. The same is true in the North Pacific, though the data there is more variable, he said. [...]
Now we are faced with stories like:
Experts Expect Katrina to Turn New Orleans Into Atlantis, Leaving Up to 1 Million Homeless

When Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans on Monday, it could turn one of America's most charming cities into a vast cesspool tainted with toxic chemicals, human waste and even coffins released by floodwaters from the city's legendary cemeteries. [...]
Reality is not like it used to be, or at least what we thought it was like. We have gone through the looking glass, and I'm not so sure there is any getting back.

A bit of hyperbole perhaps, but I listen to friends and acquaintances who refuse to adjust their perceptions of what kind of world we live in now. They talk about saving up for down payments, making mild career adjustments, watching television...

Now is the time to see reality. It was split wide open for us to examine after 9/11, disgorging its coffins, filth, and toxic, sewage infected waste water.

From that day forward, you had to really fight to believe in a benevolent government who is looking out for your interest, or at the very least a government that was going to let you pass under the radar due to your insignificance. Not too insignificant mind you, their subconscious must reason, just a decent life with a bit of fun now and then.

Now we are faced with a hateful, destructive government and a planet that seems bent on hitting the reset button. Some of us attempt to pretend that reality will even out somehow. It will go back to that delicate balance, where bad things happen, but not predominately to me.

Now is not the time to be ignorant of entropy. Once the scale is tipped too far, it is a long time before balance is restored.

Hope lies in the individual taking responsibility, as an individual, and paying attention.

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