Sunday, September 11, 2005

Enemy of the State

I just now noticed that Enemy of the State appears among the living, is blogging once more after a rather long absence, and showing the usual fine form.
Nighttime on The City of New Orleans

Only in America would the citizenry watch thousands upon thousands of their countrymen die a slow agonizing death, some penned by armed gunmen in filthy enclaves with murderers and child rapists, and accept it as the will of their government.

Today I do not know if I am sadder about the massacre of New Orleans, the loss of the all the people, the city that was those people, or the fact that the public, even the reviled themselves, watched it live on TV and the streets of Washington are still free from hordes. As were the roads into the city. There were not that many soldiers. Nothing that could have held back millions, had they taken exception to the

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